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Interested in doing a marine conservation internship? At 3W Dive, we understand that without our precious coral reefs, the diving world we know and love would be non-existent. And while many divers are extremely knowledgeable around the act of diving itself and even identifying fish, many are unaware of the foundations of a coral reef ecosystem, how to identify coral species, and the potential dangers corals can face from ongoing human contact.

A complex living network, this critical habitat provides food and shelter for creatures great, minuscule and everything in between. Up to 25% of all marine species make their home in coral reefs. Not to mention the sublime beauty they offer that we as divers are lucky enough to be able to explore! Coral colonies are the foundation of these reefs and the survival of our oceans.

Although to many divers, corals are just colourful underwater plants, they are living, extremely vulnerable animals. The role these living, breathing organisms play is one of the most crucial and one that the entire reef’s survival is based upon. Without corals, a reef would not exist. As divers that are exposed continuously to coral reefs, we must be well educated to ensure their survival and all of the incredible life they support.

The Marine Conservation Internship equips our divemaster interns with the skills necessary to dive further into coral farming and restoration throughout the internship, and apply the techniques we use to contribute to the welfare of our local eco-system.

Sustainable Scuba Diving

Sustainable scuba diving is totally the way to go when you want to explore the underwater world responsibly!

At 3W Dive, as an established dive center in Gili Air, Indonesia since 2011, we get that our tourism activities can have an impact on the ocean. But we are taking action! We teamed up with a NGO called “Indo Coral Conservation” to run a coral farm around the Gili Islands. It’s a full-on marine conservation project aimed at growing and planting corals back onto the reef.

The mission is all about safeguarding the long-term health and resilience of marine ecosystems. As well as educating local communities on the importance of these underwater wonders. So, if you’re ready to dive into an unforgettable adventure while making a positive impact, 3W Dive tribe could be the place to be for you.


Sustainable Coral Farming is the practice of farming using the principle of ecology, the study of the relationship between organisms and their environment.

It helps coastal communities receive income for maintaining and gardening the ocean the same way they do on land. Part of the coral harvested is used to restore other parts of the reef.

The impact of this work is that they’ve given a livelihood to thousands of coastal families, while preserving and restoring their reefs.


As a Marine Conservation Divemaster Intern, after completion of the course, you will then dive even further into coral restoration and the different conservation techniques we are using in Gili Air.

During the Marine Conservation Internship, interns will help in monitoring the ongoing coral restoration project, learning even more about the ocean and ocean conservation. Interns will help fragment and care for corals throughout the internship at our nursery, applying their new conservation and reef restoration skills and contributing to our local ecosystem.