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Get the full tribe treatment
during your internship

Go pro with the 3W tribe and take the first step towards making a career out of your passion with our divemaster internship.

Our internships are tailored to give interns all the skills needed to become a divemaster, whether your goal is to pursue an adventurous career underwater or simply to take a break in paradise while advancing your skills and knowledge as a diver.
After completing internship training, our divemasters are able to guide certified divers on fun dives and assist Instructors throughout courses.

Through our divemaster intern certification you will achieve the first level of professional rating in Scuba Diving, completing your internship work-ready with the skills to work as a divemaster anywhere in the world.
divemaster internships
divemaster internships indonesia

Change your life or take a break
and live the Gili Air island dream

divemaster internships
divemaster internships indonesia
We’re a tribe full of island addicts and of course, ocean lovers. Do your divemaster internship and spend a few weeks (or even months) with us living in a place where time stops… no cars, no motorcycles, no fuss… just you and your own small piece of paradise.

During the divemaster internship, our interns experience another way of life where all you need is your swimsuit, sunglasses and flip flops!
You’ll be surrounded by crystal blue water and sunshine all year round, with green turtles at your doorstep and clownfish as co-workers.

Whether you want to work in a far away and exotic destination after your divemaster internship or just take some time off, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you!

Intern Testimonials

“I don’t think I could have picked a better place and dive shop!”
Timo, Tribe Certified Divemaster
March 2020
“The education I received at 3W was far above what I thought I would learn during this experience.”
Morgane, Tribe Certified Divemaster
March 2020
"Everything in the shop is super well organised, and the schedule for the divemaster program is perfectly adapted to every kind of level."
Clement, Tribe Certified Divemaster
October 2019
“Joining the Tribe, and becoming a professional diver was the best idea I ever had!”
Susan, Tribe Certified Divemaster
September 2019
“The internship goes way beyond the minimum requirements for a divemaster course for many reasons!”
Sandra, Tribe Certified Divemaster
January 2019
"With great patience, infinite knowledge about diving and an infectious love of diving that he shared with all who crossed his path, he made me the Divemaster I wanted to be.”
Markus, Tribe Certified Divemaster
May 2016
"3W Dive has to be the place for your course. The instructors there were very friendly and most importantly, professional."
Nathaniel, Tribe Certified Divemaster
March 2018
"It was fun and so rewarding – an incredible experience!"
Carola, Tribe Certified Divemaster
December 2018
"I have never come across such a professional and thorough dive shop..."
Jaclyn, Tribe Certified Divemaster
May 2017
"Being part of the 3W Dive's team to do the dive master internship was a blast to me!"
Marion, Tribe Certified Divemaster
February 2017
"It's easy to fit in at 3W Dive because the atmosphere is super cool while remaining VERY professional."
Samir, Tribe Certified Divemaster
January 2016
"I am deeply happy to have lived this amazing experience with these amazing people of the 3W Dive Tribe"
Thibaut, Tribe Certified Divemaster
August 2017
divemaster intern