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Do you have questions about diving, becoming a divemaster, or life on the Gili islands? Welcome to our blog! Here we give you insights into the diving world, life in paradise, and what you can expect as you take the first step to professional diving!

Millenial and Gen Z – Environmental Scuba Divers

Young divers aren’t just interested in getting underwater - they want to take their skills and training and do something positive with it!
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How to Choose a Marine Conservation Diving Internship

If you enjoy diving and want to take action to protect the marine environment, then a marine conservation diving internship might be for you!
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Pandemic in Paradise

"What would you do if you were stranded on a private island?" This question became a bit more realistic to those of us on the Gili’s when the Corona Virus showed up.
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Divemaster Training

Where is the best place to do your divemaster internship?

We've got answers! In this article we give you some tips to help you create a search compass to find the best divemaster internship for you.
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Sustainable Coral Farming

Our tribe is passionate about the ocean and corals. We understand that without coral reefs, not only will the diving that we love cease to exist, it would change the lives of everyone on planet earth.
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Coral Reef Diversity: Adding life to our Dives

As divers, we see corals on every dive. But how many of us actually know what corals are? We dive into the details and explore how we can protect this vital ecosystem.
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The Scuba Diving Digital Nomad

Is it possible to combine scuba diving and the island lifestyle with that of a digital nomad lifestyle? The answer is Gili Air.
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scuba diver

Diving and Drinking, a Bad Combination

Alcohol and diving is a dangerous combination. Find balance between partying and letting loose, and responsible diving through your Divemaster Internship.
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day in the life divemaster

A Day in the Life of a Divemaster Intern

Looking at divemaster internships abroad? Wondering what the day-to-day involves of interning at a dive shop? We take you through a day in the life of a 3W divemaster intern.
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gili air divemaster

Why the Gilis is the Perfect Place to do Your Divemaster Internship

Want to become a divemaster? Looking for the full island life experience? The Gili islands might just be the perfect place for you.
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