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3W Dive Tribe Mission
As a tribe of certified scuba diving island addicts, we spread our infectious love for diving and the ocean with all who cross our path!
Our Tribeโ€™s Pillars

Integrity – When we welcome anyone in our dive center we look at them not simply as a customer to which we have to a make a sale, but as a fellow diver or someone that will become one. We will bring you to the next level when we feel that you are ready. And we always aim to turn you into the best scuba diver you can be.

Professionalism – Scuba diving requires a certain level of consistency when it comes to creating a controlled, organised and safe environment. This is something that starts from the training of our employees and works itโ€™s way all the way down to the service of all our equipment, topped off by a proper functioning emergency plan.

Tribe attitude – We are a bunch of warm and welcoming island addict always willing to go out of our way to make your experience in and out of the water memorable.

Love & Fun – We are all infected with a love for scuba diving, the ocean and our small island, so we do what we do with fun!

Sustainability – As a scuba diving school we feel that it is our duty to bring awareness to divers around the underwater world theyโ€™re exploring, and itโ€™s corals. Every time we plunge into the ocean we are surrounded by corals yet pay very little attention to them. Corals are not doing so well these days, and we feel that it is our responsibility to teach people about corals while teaching them to scuba dive. Being located on a small island we are involved with the Gili Air Trash Hero program.


The Dive Shop

scuba diving life
3W shop lifestyle

Our small, friendly dive shop is run by a French owner with a CMAS background. With years of experience diving in different parts of the world and an extensive background in training divemasters, we offer a deep understanding of diving safety regulations and a personalised approach to training which is tailored to each individual.

Our tribe are friendly and welcoming, as well as very professional. We want to make sure you arrive and leave with a smile on your face. As every diver has his or her own needs, the 3W tribe will make sure to take personal care of you as you progress through your divemaster training.

We do three dives per day (at 08:30, 11:30 and 14:30), and all our dive sites are a short 5-20 minute ride away on our comfortable, spacious boat. We also limit our group sizes to no more than four divers per instructor / guide.

Become a divemaster with the 3W tribe!

3W shop lifestyle