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Divemaster Internship Indonesia

divemaster internship indonesia
divemaster internship indonesia
divemaster internship

At 3W we offer the full tribe treatment from the moment you begin your Indonesian divemaster internship. Up to 6 months of unlimited access to our shop with as much diving as you can manage. And that’s just the beginning… We will provide you with everything you need to launch your professional diving career: Work experience, networks, references, we’re here for you every step of the way as we look after our own.

Our Divemaster trainees are the centre of their own program. We don’t just latch our interns onto courses, leaving them to their own resources. You will be designated an instructor who will become your mentor and guide you through your divemaster training, keeping you focused and constantly progressing.

So how to become a divemaster? It’s definitely not all boardshorts and beers. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone so that you can handle the pressures and demands that come with this job. You will come out of this program work-ready, with the skills to work anywhere in the world.

While this course is not a freebie, we offer priceless hands-on experience and unlimited diving during your divemaster internship. We go above and beyond the basics of Divemaster training, teaching you all the tricks of the trade.

Define your own divemaster internship at 3W Dive. Keen to learn more about marine biology? Start by mastering your post-dive fish ID and learning about the coral that makes our reefs so beautiful through our Ocean Gardener coral farming program. Want to master the art of underwater photography? We will work with you during your divemaster internship to perfect your buoyancy and improve your air consumption while handling an underwater camera. Go on to become an instructor after your divemaster training.

No matter your interest, in true tribe style, we provide the support and encouragement during your divemaster internship to help define your direction as a diver. So snap a selfie with our polaroid camera and pin your face on the wall amongst the many others and leave your personal fin print at 3W Dive.

Why become a Divemaster?

Through your divemaster training in Indonesia, you will discover a career that can take you to so many other incredible dive locations. Or, just take a break in paradise. Become part of the tight-knit Gili Air community, an island where lifelong friendships form over cold beer and breathtaking sunsets.

At 3W we recognise that everyone who is becoming a divemaster has different needs and aim to meet them all. That’s why we dive in small groups no bigger than four people and have an instructor to guide you throughout your divemaster training. Your Divemaster certification will be delivered by SSI. Many of our SSI instructors also have a teaching background in other scuba diving organisations such as PADI or CMAS, so you will benefit from their broad knowledge. You’ll also get hands-on experience with guests and the day-to-day operations of a dive shop. We will go above and beyond the basics of Divemaster training, teaching you all the tricks of the trade.

To give your Divemaster training the edge it needs, we offer additional courses:
  • Deep Dive
  • Sidemount
  • Nitrox
  • Freedive SSI Level 1
And if after completing your divemaster internship you’re interested in taking the next step in your professional development, we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared for your Instructor Development Course.
divemaster internship

Divemaster Internship Costing

While the divemaster internship is not a freebie, we offer priceless hands-on experience and unlimited diving during your stay.
  • Unlimited diving for 6 months! The opportunity to accumulate up to 200 dives!
  • The opportunity to gain real Divemaster experience guiding customers underwater! (Once we feel that you are ready.)
  • Coming out of this program work-ready, with the skills and the experience that will allow you to feel confident as a Divemaster
  • Unlimited pool use to perfect your skills, practice drills and fine-tune your buoyancy
  • Free WiFi at the dive shop
  • Free water, coffee and tea at the dive shop
  • Two 3W Dive T-Shirts
  • One 3W Dive rash guard
  • 10% discount on all Scuba Diving equipment for sale in our dive center
  • The necessary administrative paperwork for you to apply for your 6 month VISA
  • Visa cost
  • Accommodation
  • Food and drink
  • Personal Dive Equipment: You are required to have your own BCD, regulator, dive computer, compass, SMB, mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit

If you don’t have a BCD and a regulator you can rent this equipment from us for 75 000 Rupiah per day – offer available only in low season and for a maximum period of 2 months.


divemaster internship


Divemaster Course + Divemaster Certification + Unlimited Diving

20 000 000 IDR


Rescue + Divemaster Internship + Divemaster Certification + Unlimited Diving

29 700 000 IDR


Advance + Rescue + Divemaster Internship + Divemaster Certification + Unlimited Diving

33 600 000 IDR


Open Water + Advance + Rescue + Divemaster Internship + Divemaster Certification + Unlimited Diving

39 900 000 IDR

Divemaster Interns Day

divemaster internship indonesia
divemaster internship indonesia

Wake up early for your day of divemaster training and cycle to the dive shop – breakfast in-hand while calling out a tonne of ‘pagis’ – ‘good morning’ to all your local friends.

Get one of 3W’s espressos in you before starting your divemaster internship day with a pool session, some theory or head out on the 8.30am dive.

You’ll help your customers gear up and have a chat with them about the dive or pool skills their about to do, sharing with them your infectious love of diving and even how they could become a divemaster.

Then head out on the second dive at 11.30. As you fall back into crystal clear warm waters surrounded by green turtles, moray eels and many other underwater creatures, re-member to soak every moment of your divemaster internship up!

Help the tribe unload the boat and rinse off the equipment before it’s time to grab some food and log your dive. We have a heap of fish ID books which you can use to learn more about the different creatures big, small, ugly, cute or see-through! We seriously love fish.

Spend the afternoon learning more about the underwater world from the comfort of your own bean bag or enjoy the 2.30 dive before happy hour hits.

Finish up at 5 pm and grab dinner with the tribe over a classic Gili Air sunset.

Dive. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That’s the divemaster internship way of life, make it yours as well!

Don’t believe us? Check out our Divemaster trainee testimonials…

Divemaster Trainee Selection

divemaster internship indonesia
When we say master, we mean it. Our perfect divemaster intern is a kickass diver who is a team player with the professionalism required to stay in control both above and below the surface. You’re friendly, fun, yet serious about your sport. And most importantly, you have an infectious love of diving that you are keen to share with all who cross your path while on your journey to become a divemaster.

To make sure you’re the right fit for us, and most importantly we’re the right fit for you, our divemaster internship is by interview only. Once we take you in, you’ll become a crucial part of our tribe, and together we’ll be in it for the long haul. If this is the type of divemaster training you’re looking for, get in touch and let’s chat.

Diving your life? It’s ours too. Join the 3W Tribe for your divemaster internship and together, let’s make this dream of yours into a reality.

Ready to make the jump? Send a message to get your interview.