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Do you have questions about diving, becoming a divemaster, or life on the Gili islands?
Welcome to our blog! Here we give you insights into the diving world, life in paradise, and what you can expect as you take the first step to professional diving!
scuba diver

Diving and Drinking, a Bad Combination

Alcohol and diving is a dangerous combination. Find balance between partying and letting loose, and responsible diving through your Divemaster Internship.
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Coming back to the shop

Diving Agencies vs. Organizations: All You Need to Know About the Diving World

Agencies? Organizations? What’s the difference and should I know them? We’ve got you covered in this post on all you need to know about the diving world.
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Divemaster Life

Is it Possible To Make a Living as a Divemaster?

Many of our divemaster trainees consider a career in the dive industry, so we’re answering one of our most frequently asked questions about being a divemaster.
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Diving the Gilis

How Do I Choose Which Scuba Agency to Train With?

When joining the world of diving it’s hard to know which organization you should go with. We’re giving you everything you should know as a recreational diver.
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Gili macro

Macro Mania – Finding the Hidden Treasures of the Underwater World

Is scuba diving about seeing the big stuff? Or is there magic in spotting the tiniest and rarest macro sea creatures?
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tattoos and diving

Tattoos and Diving: Do They Mix?

Is it safe to go scuba diving with a new tattoo? What do you need to do before diving? Here is the tribe’s opinion on diving with fresh ink!
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Gili divemaster life

Is it Possible to Work as a Divemaster Full-Time?

Our most frequently asked question: Will I be able to work as a divemaster? We answer all your questions about finding work in the dive industry.
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scuba training agency

Should You Pay for a Divemaster Internship or Not?

Should you pay for your divemaster internship, or get it for free? It sounds like a stupid question but it's worth considering these factors before you decide.
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padi and ssi

PADI or SSI: Which Agency is Right for You?

So you want to learn some scuba skills but don’t know which training agency to choose? We’ve laid out the differences between PADI and SSI to help you out.
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Got questions? We have answers! Check out our FAQ page:


Got questions? We have answers! Check out our FAQ page: