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How to Choose a Marine Conservation Diving Internship

How to Choose a Marine Conservation Diving Internship

If you enjoy diving and want to take action to protect the marine environment, then a marine conservation diving internship might be for you!

What is a marine conservation diving internship?

A marine conservation diving internship is an extensive program that teaches things like how to farm coral, how to survey fish, and how to study the coral reefs. Together, the skills learned in a marine conservation diving internship can help save coral reefs and endangered ocean species all around the world.

Who can apply for a marine conservation diving internship?

Anyone that is able to scuba dive and become certified or already certified is able to participate in a marine conservation internship. 3W Dive even offer the opportunity to become a certified diver in the program. The location you choose will most likely have other requirements that need to be met to start the program.

Where do I start?

Determining where to do your marine conservation diving internship can be a challenge. Location will play a major factor when deciding on a program. However, content and quality of the internship should also be a part of your decision. Do you want to learn how to protect coral or how to survey an area to protect a particular species?

The answers to these questions will help narrow down a location based on what research efforts they provide during an internship. Costs, accessibility to major cities, and housing options might also be a deciding factor for you.

What are the costs?

Usually internships are unpaid positions. In fact, you need to pay for the training you receive. The cost of such programs vary depending on location, length of program, and what diving certification level you enter the program with. As a benefit, internships also usually come with unlimited diving opportunities through the dive shop while you are an intern.

Where do you stay?

Sometimes dive centers will include housing in the price of the internship. It is best to ask what the best housing options are for the location you will be going to. Do you want to stay in dorms or want your own apartment? Depending on location, there might be limited options of where to stay.

How long is the program?

The length of the internship will vary based on location and dive shop. On average, the typical program can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months depending if it is mixed with a divemaster internship program (as we offer at 3W Dive).
There are a variety of jobs that you could get with experience as a marine conservation diver. There are many research jobs that require understanding a specific regional ecosystem by undertaking in activities that could include counting fish, growing coral, or tracking pollution. A marine conservation diving internship could also be extra experience on your way to becoming a marine biologist.

What kind of job can you get as a marine conservation diver?

The ocean is an important component of the world we live in. Having more people in the field of marine conservation will help save the coral reefs and protect the aquatic animals that are a vital part of the food chain.
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