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How to Stay Connected While Embracing Island Life on Gili Air

How to Stay Connected While Embracing Island Life on Gili Air

by Natalie Hewitt
So you’ve made it to the paradise island of Gili Air! Welcome to the epitome of island life; chilled vibes, great diving and friendly people. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe reliable internet, but that’s part of the island charm. Gili Air is no stranger to it. Power outages and unstable internet connections are no myth here. Despite it being a part of the island life we all dream of, a bad internet connection is enough to drive anyone mad. That is until you look up from your phone or laptop and remember where you are. Gili Air: the place where stress seems to magically disappear! Nonetheless, a stable internet connection is still important for everyday life. Whether it be to catch up with friends, post that bomb underwater selfie or study for your divemaster internship. Because of this, we’ve put together a guide of the most reliable spots for internet on Gili Air to help you stay connected during your time on the island.

Local SIM card

Your best option for consistent connectivity is a local SIM card. Telkomsel is the biggest provider with the best coverage across the country. The easiest place to buy one is any major Indonesian airport. If you miss it there, look for mobile phone stores or even many roadside stores or stalls.

A handy thing about Telkomsel is their app. From it, you can add credit and buy internet packages. Take care when selecting what package you buy as they have different time limits. Harian packages are just for one day, Mingguan last a week, and Bulanan are good for up to a month (unless you use up all the data before then).
If you have issues buying credit through the app, don’t stress! You can top up credit in most stores, although they usually charge a little extra for the service. Look out for adverts for pulsa, and logo stickers of your provider. Head in, with your phone number ready to hand over and request ‘isi pulsa’ (fill up).

Once you have credit you can go back on the app and buy a package. It’s pretty cheap with 32GB costing less than 10USD. Or dial *363# which brings up a list of different packages to select from.
connection on the Gilis

Finding internet on Gili Air

Some accommodation on the island now offers WiFi. But in case you want to get out and explore different locations on the island, we’ve put together a list of some of the best places for internet on Gili Air.

Sharkbites: divers, WIFI and bingo

On the main road leading up from the harbour, you’ll find Sharkbites. In the evenings you’ll find much of the diving community hanging out here after having spent the day in the ocean. They specialise in sandwiches, but also have delicious mac and cheese. They often hold Rock and Roll bingo, which is always a good time!

Sharkbites is also well known for having good WiFi. Go for the internet, stay for the food and bingo! Another plus is that they are part of Refill My Bottle, refilling your bottle with cold water for 5,000IDR.
internet on gili air shark bites

Burgerlady: unsuspecting WiFi

A little further up you’ll find a small restaurant, which you would never expect to have WiFi, let alone it be good! The burgers and satay here are amazing and cheap. Not to mention the Burgerlady herself is super friendly. This makes it a great spot to get some food and catch up on your social media scrolling.

Breadelicious: are we in Paris?

A chilled café on the main road leading up from the harbour. They serve a wide range of foods, including waffles, local food, a variety of sandwiches, and most importantly Mandailing Arabica Coffee. They often play chilled out jazz, which alongside with the setting, good coffee, and decent WiFi could leave you thinking you’re in a European city.
internet on gili air breadelicious

B52: the perfect digital nomad cafe

Walk a bit further up the main road and you’ll come across a very cool looking, modern coffee shop. That’ll be B52. Decorated with Indonesian photography, serving good, strong coffee and a few different dishes. The perfect spot to spend the day letting your creative juices flow. There are plug sockets on the tables which face outwards, so you don’t have to fear low battery.
internet on gili air b52

H&R: eat and connect

More inland on Sunset Boulevard you’ll find H&R Resto. They offer a wide variety of food, including great local cuisine, pasta, Mexican and burgers, as well as a good selection of juices all at very low prices. Like Sharkbites, H&R also do cheap water refills. The great food and strong internet connection makes H&R Resto a great place to eat and get some work done.

Musa Cookery: superfoods and superfast WIFI

Also more inland, on Jalan Yoda, you’ll find the classy Musa. Their menu is full of incredible and healthy vegetarian food. The service is extremely friendly and the WiFi is probably one of the fastest on the island. The soft techno beats help keep you focused and the easy lighting keeps you relaxed.

Mowies: everything you need

On the west side of the island, you’ll find many restaurants and bars with the perfect view for sunset. One of these is Mowies. They have a mix of seating, with tables, bean bags and sun loungers, so you’ll definitely be able to find a spot to get comfy. Apart from having decent WiFi, Mowies also has delicious food. To make things even better, they also have happy hour wine deals. Which, once you’ve been in Indonesia awhile you’ll realise the importance of – wine is usually a sparse and expensive commodity! This makes it a great location to get some online life admin done, enjoy a glass of wine (or three) and watch the sunset.


Due to the closeness of all the dive sites, the boats always head back between dives. When diving we also provide free refreshments of water as part of the “Refill My Bottle” campaign, as well as tea and Lombok coffee. And luckily, as far as internet on Gili Air goes, 3WDive is known for being one of the most reliable on the island!

The vibe is always relaxed and friendly, making it the perfect location to chill out on a bean bag during your surface intervals and share those awesome turtle snaps. Or if you have something which requires more concentration, like studying for your 3W divemaster internship, you can sit on a bench and stare out at the ocean to inspire you!
internet on gili air 3wdive

Island chill

Despite the growing number of places on the island with decent internet connection, the most important piece of advice is to embrace the island vibes. When the internet connections are slow and the power is out grab a Bintang with your tribe, watch the sunset and do as the turtles do, chill out.
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