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Divemaster Internship Program: Why You Really Should Do It

Divemaster Internship Program: Why You Really Should Do It

by Natalie Hewitt
Do you find yourself staring out the office or classroom window, wishing you were in a tropical paradise? Feeling lost in the day to day, yearning to be doing something you love? Or you need a break to figure out what’s next in life?

Well, stop your search, it sounds like you need a fulfilling adventure. This should be motivation enough to take the plunge into a divemaster internship. But in case you need more convincing, here are the top reasons for doing a divemaster internship program.

The obvious reason

You can’t get enough of diving. The ocean runs in your blood and you feel most at home underwater. Divemaster training takes roughly a minimum of 6 weeks, but at 3W Dive we give you up to 6 months of diving. So that’s 6 months of diving in the Gilis, what else could a scuba junkie like you want? This makes it easy to log upwards of 150 dives.

Not to mention that this makes it a super affordable way to dive this much. Especially compared to fun dives on your yearly vacation.
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The Divemaster Internship Program is a fulfilling adventure

Many people want to improve their scuba diving. Being able to dive to your heart’s content, means you get to hone in on your diving skills. Practice makes perfect, after all. You’ll become a top-notch scuba diver. During the internship you will have to face various scenarios, some staged and some real. You’ll learn how to keep calm and handle it all. This course teaches you how to be more aware, not just of yourself and your surroundings, but of others too.

Push yourself

A divemaster internship isn’t just fun and games (don’t worry though – there is plenty of that too). You will also be pushed physically and mentally. You’ll need to complete various tasks before you can become a fully-fledged divemaster. Such as a 100m tow, 400 and 800m swim, equipment exchange. The divemaster course teaches you everything about diving. Not only skills but also the physiology and physics of it all so you’ll also have an exam to test your knowledge.

Keep fit

While the tasks mentioned may test your fitness, lifting tanks and scuba diving will keep you fit. The water creates resistance helping to exercise your muscles while you enjoy the underwater world. As well as the added benefits of helping to lower blood pressure and relieve stress.
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Make the world your oyster

Divemaster is the first professional level in diving. So as a divemaster you will be able to work in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Once you’ve completed the course you will be able to guide certified divers and assist instructors on courses (but do bear in mind that some places leave these positions for local divemasters).

This is pretty rad if you want to travel and work. From working and diving in Indonesia to liveaboards in Australia or the Carribean. You can go wherever you please. So you’ll be able to pass on your infectious passion for diving all around the world. Getting others as excited about the ocean as you are.

And of course, becoming a divemaster is an important and invaluable step towards becoming an instructor. If you see a career in the diving industry then the divemaster internship is a must. Picking the right one will help you begin your career with a solid start.

A cheeky added bonus

Also, being an awesome and skilled divemaster often means that dive shops around the world will give you discounts. Which is never a bad thing, now is it?

But there’s more to a divemaster internship program

While a love for diving might be the main reason you’re here, it won’t be the only thing you gain.


A divemaster does more than perfect your scuba skills. It also gives you the opportunity to develop other key skills. Your customer service skills will be put to the test. Talking to and leading customers in a professional way will become second nature. Working with people from different cultures and backgrounds will help you learn what it takes to work as part of a successful team.

You’ll also practice organization, time management, and multitasking. As well as showing that you can handle stress and pressure well. It also demonstrates to potential employers your passions and hobbies.


Doing a divemaster internship gives you the chance to live somewhere new. These locations are often exciting, warm and beautiful. Gili Air being no exception. Unlike when traveling around, you really get to know the area above and below water. You’ll be living like a local in no time, and you can quickly fall in love with the place.


Because you will spend so much time at the dive school, you really become a valuable member of our tribe. This goes beyond your selected dive shop, as diving communities tend to be strong, social and welcoming. You’ll be surrounded by like minded individuals and friendly locals. The influx of tourists and travellers means you will always be meeting new and interesting people, too.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Your next adventure is calling. This adventure won’t just develop your scuba diving abilities, but you as a person too. So what are you waiting for? Stop letting life pass you by and drop us a message to get this adventure started.
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