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Off The Beaten Track Divemaster Internship: How It’s Different And Why You Should Enrol In One

Why you should step into the diving world with a divemaster internship that gets you off the beaten path.
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Divemaster Internship With Unlimited Diving: Why It’s Your Best Choice

Dive as much as you want and become a confident dive professional who can lead by example.
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Want to master your scuba diving skills? Enroll in a Divemaster Internship

Are you planning to dive deeper into your SCUBA career? Master your scuba diving skills by enrolling in a Divemaster Internship!
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The Divemaster Internship: What does it take to be a good divemaster?

Are you thinking about joining the professional ranks of scuba diving by becoming a divemaster? What does it take to be a good divemaster and what should you expect from a divemaster internship?
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How to Choose a Marine Conservation Diving Internship

If you enjoy diving and want to take action to protect the marine environment, then a marine conservation diving internship might be for you!
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Where is the best place to do your divemaster internship?

We've got answers! In this article we give you some tips to help you create a search compass to find the best divemaster internship for you.
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Diving and Drinking, a Bad Combination

Alcohol and diving is a dangerous combination. Find balance between partying and letting loose, and responsible diving through your Divemaster Internship.
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A Day in the Life of a Divemaster Intern

Looking at divemaster internships abroad? Wondering what the day-to-day involves of interning at a dive shop? We take you through a day in the life of a 3W divemaster intern.
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Divemaster Internship Program: Why You Really Should Do It

If you need convincing to do a divemaster internship, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together the reasons why you really should become a divemaster.
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The Divemaster Internship: What The Hell Even Is It?

Divemaster internships: if you’ve never heard of them before, or just don’t know what one is, we’ve got you. Let us explain what it is and what it entails.
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