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How to Stay Connected While Embracing Island Life on Gili Air

Finding a good internet connection while living on Gili Air can be tricky. We’ve put together a small guide to help you stay connected during your time here.
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gili air island life: sunrise

Living Island Life on Gili Air: What You Need to Know

You're coming to live on the paradise island of Gili Air? Moving can be tough, so here’s a few things about island life to help you settle in.
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Why Consider The Gilis for Your Divemaster Internship

Deciding where to do your divemaster internship is a big decision. We’ve put together the top reasons why we think the Gilis may be the perfect place for you.
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Life on The Gili Islands: What to Know Before You Go

To truly enjoy life on the Gili Islands, you must first understand the people who discovered them, built them and now call them home.
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